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We are Raschig
A traditionally strong, innovative team

Corporate policy and goals

In our role as a mid-sized company in the chemical industry, we bear responsibility toward our customers, employees, and shareholders as well as toward society at large and the natural environment where our company operates. We are convinced that working together with our customers and in harmony with our environment is the only way to secure our long-term success.

For this reason, all of our activities are geared primarily toward the needs and requirements of our customers. We supply them with high-quality, innovative products at prices that ensure that both the customer and our company can survive and compete internationally.

We work to continuously optimize our workflows and processes and refrain from engaging in any activities that do not add value. As part of the wider society, we believe our responsibility lies in ensuring the cost-effectiveness of our processes on a long-term basis, advising users of our products of possible risks, and integrating aspects related to product safety and environmental protection into our product development process alongside other factors.

For us, compliance with laws and regulations is a matter of course. We also engage in responsible actions within the sense of the global chemical industry’s Responsible Care Initiative.

We combine protecting the environment with social responsibility and economic success.

By constantly monitoring the quality situation, environmental influences, and our use of energy as well as setting goals, we work to make continuous improvements in all of these areas.

Our employees are an important part of the big picture, helping to achieve our corporate goals. Safety is of vital importance to us, as are fair dealings with one another and open communication.

To help us reach these goals, we maintain a management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 14001. To meet the requirements of the authorities regarding energy efficiency we shall perform an energy audit according DIN 16247-1.

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