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Plastics Division
We are Raschig
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Polyester molding compounds

RalupolGlass-fiber reinforced, inorganically filled UP molding compound in various colors.
Very low mould shrinkage and post-shrinkage, very good electrical and mechanical properties, excellent tracking resistance, high thermal resistance, good chemical resistance, excellent long-term behavior during static and dynamic load changes and very good dimensional stability, even at high temperatures.
Suitable for high shot weights and producing differing wall thicknesses.

Ralupol® UP 802
Ralupol® UP 804
Ralupol® UP 2100
Ralupol® UP 2200
oven fittings, good resistance to yellowing
Ralupol® UP 4385
RTI = 170 °C
Ralupol® UP 4566
lamp sockets
Ralupol® UP 4802
lamp sockets
Ralupol® UP 4806
Ralupol® UP 5000
Ralupol® UP 8601
oven fittings, excellent resistance to yellowing
Ralupol® UP 8602
oven fittings, very good resistance to yellowing
Ralupol® UP 8605
very good resistance to hydrolysis

Supraplast® UPA 54
Supraplast® UPA 63

AMC 2557
PDS encapsulations
AMC 2567
PDS very high mechanical strength, potential alternative to SMC/BMC
AMC 2568
PDS very fast curing, solder bath resistant
AMC 2572

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