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Plastics Division
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Powder in-Mould Coating

PiMCPiMC is a Polyester Powder which can be electrostatically sprayed onto the heated mould surface prior to loading of the SMC or BMC.

The PiMC forms a chemical bond with the SMC/BMC and provides a surface coating to the part with excellent properties such as scratch resistance, chemical resistance, UV stability, weathering resistance and graffiti resistance.

PiMC can be supplied in a wide variety of colours thereby providing an aesthetic appearance to SMC/BMC parts.

PiMC 1221
High gloss
PiMC 1241
General purpose, uni-colour
PiMC 1249
General purpose, mixed colours
PiMC 1253
Flame retardant
PiMC 1841
Metallic effect (Aluminium/Silver)
PiMC 1949
Granite effect

PiMC Framework and Process Guidelines (English)

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