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Plastics Division
We are Raschig
A traditionally strong, innovative team

Completed Projects

Hinged joint/
folding table

Product: Resinol® EPF 87120 B
Development: MKW Kunststofftechnik GmbH /
Wiesner Hager
Manufacturer: MKW Kunststofftechnik GmbH
Requirements / part's function: Saving weight via metal substitution, high mechanical stability, sleeveless screw fitting

Timing gear sensor

Product: Epoxidur® EP 3581 T1
Development: Continental Automotiv GmbH
Manufacturer: Kolektor Kautt & Bux GmbH
Requirements / part's function: Protective coating of delicate electronic components on diverse metal surfaces using very low moulding pressures

Actuator / Diesel Technology

Product: Epoxidur® EP 3582
Development: Electricfil Automotive
Manufacturer: Electricfil Automotive
Requirements / part's function: Very good resistance to automotive fluids at temperatures from -40 to 195 °C, very high dielectric strength even with very thin wall thicknesses, coating of delicate electronic components using very low moulding pressures

Position sensor / automatic gearboxes

Product: Epoxidur® EP 3581 S TC
Development: Tyco Electronics AMP GmbH
Manufacturer: Tyco Electronics Czech s.r.o.
Requirements / part's function: Modified with an isotropic expansion from -40 to 165 °C to correspond to the material to be coated, non-destructive, complete coating of delicate inductor wires
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