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Plastics Division
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Melamine & Melamine/Phenolic molding compounds

Organically and inorganically filled melamine (MF) or phenol-modified melamine (MP) molding compounds, available in white and other colors.
Very good electrical and dielectric properties, high surface hardness, good wear and UV-stability, very good chemical resistance, good mechanical strength, very good long term behavior under static and dynamic loading, excellent tracking resistance, good stress corrosion resistance..

Melopas® MF 150 PDS UL 94
Melopas® MF 152 PDS
Melopas® MF 152.7 PDS food safe
Melopas® MF 156 PDS UL 94 glass fiber reinforced
Melopas® MF 2010 PDS
Melopas® MF 2500 PDS UL 94
Melopas® MF 3025 PDS UL 94 pot and pan handles, dishwasher safe

Melopas® MP 180 PDS UL 94
Melopas® MP 181 PDS  
Melopas® MP 181.5 PDS UL 94
Melopas® MP 182 PDS UL 94
Melopas® MP 183 PDS UL 94
Melopas® MP 6605 PDS for contact holders

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