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Plastics Division
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Epoxy molding compounds

EpoxidurGlass-fiber reinforced and/or inorganically filled epoxy molding compounds in black.
Very good mechanical strength, temperature resistance and dimensional strength, very good isolation properties and chemical/automotive fluid resistance. Excellent adhesion to metal.
Very good for the protective sealing of delicate components against foreign materials. Well suited for thin layer coatings as well as for thin-walled free-standing structures.

Epoxidur® EP 3580 PDS UL 94
Epoxidur® EP 3581 S ZC PDS Isotropic properties
Epoxidur® EP 3581 T-1 PDS Perfect encapsulation
Epoxidur® EP 3582 PDS UL 94
Epoxidur® EP 3585 PDS UL 94 Very resistant to cracking and temperature shocks

EP 3505 PDS UL 94 Connectors
EP 3535 PDS UL 94 Connectors, Potentiometers, high dielectric strength
EP 3536 PDS Wire-wound applications
EP 3572 PDS Precise metal mounting for metallurgical testing

EN 5004/5007 PDS Special compound for car light bulb cap H-4/H-7

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